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Garden Full of Green

With a fantastic garden that we have built for our customers only. Our love is there and we hope that you will enjoy it…We have created this facility as an oasis of calm, peace and recreation, suitable for families and children(our young friends can be easily accommodated on the ground floor of the studio), as well as for couples or groups of friends.That’s why we have concentrated our entire attention and effort on the comfort that everybody seeks after a long and busy year.

A seven studio construction

Each studio has a unique room, split in 2 levels, united by an interior stairway:
- the bedroom level, which is the upper one, with 2 separate beds and air-condition, and
- the living room level, which is the ground level, with a couch, a small dinning place, the kitchenette space(sink, refrigerator, …) and the bathroom(toilet, shower, cold/hot water).

Our Map Location

We are located in Dassia, in a place destined for relaxation, but not without all access to modern facilities. only 200 m from the beach, in a very quiet and peaceful location.
Our studios are just 5 minutes away from Dassia’s centre, 10 minutes from Ipsos’s centre and only 15 km from Corfu town.  Their position, in the immediate vicinity of pharmacies, medical centres, super-markets, all kinds of stores, bus station, gas stations, makes them a wonderful choice for your holiday destination.

Our Exact Location!

We are located in the center of Dassia. Use our map to view how to come or go anywhere from here…!!!

You can contact us any time at


Giardino Studios (Villa Nikos), Dassia, Corfu, 49100, Greece


+ 30 6948418333

+ 30 2661097198


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